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MUSWELL HILLBILLIES (1971) Amidst the poignancy and humour there is a sense Ray is fed up with the 70s – and they are only 18 months old.

IT’S A MIXED UP MUDDLED UP SHOOK UP WORLD – The Kinks & ‘Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (Part One)

‘LOLA vs POWERMAN and the MONEYGOROUND’ (1970) is a fascinating take on how Ray (and Dave) Davies viewed the state of the United Kinkdom.

THE KINKS – The Empire and The States………….

‘As a song and group performance ‘Shangri-La’ is matched in rock music history on a handful of occasions – but never once bettered.’

YOU’RE MY GUITAR HERO – Twenty Guitarists Who Rarely Receive The Credit They Deserve

20 Underrated Guitarists: GEORGE HARRISON: Understated, hugely influential, ‘Something’ special……