proudly announces the debut novel by NEIL SAMBROOK

MONTY’S DOUBLE by NEIL SAMBROOK – now available on Amazon Kindle Books.

GERMANY 1945 BRITISH OCCUPATION ZONE: Former County Cricketer Montgomery ‘Monty’ Bossitor is sent by the Ministry of Supply to sell off British Army surplus equipment. He encounters the mercurial Captain Denby who buys a vast quantity of radios, Monty receiving illicit payments for selling the goods below their value.

Concerned on whose behalf Denby operates, Monty contacts his oldest friend Hubert Fotheringham, a playboy with criminal and police connections, but intrigued by the scam Fotheringham buys hundreds of Army vehicles through spurious companies which brings Monty a fortune. Returning from Germany Monty makes a surprise visit to San Francisco where his widowed sister-in-law Rose has moved with her GI Bride sister.

Sailing to America he meets Olivia Jacobs, wife of a US Embassy attaché, and on his return resumes working for the Ministry that takes him to abandoned US Air Bases. During contact with their Embassy he meets Warren Jacobs, who has discovered his estranged wife is carrying the child of another man.

Monty has Denby, Scotland Yard and Jacobs on his tail, all three desperate to reach him first. In the burnt out remains of his London house is found a charred corpse. Is it him – or Monty’s Double?